Monday, February 7, 2011

Puerto Rico Wardrobe, TSW Mixit Tank & CLD Pure and Simple Shell (Part 5)

Woo hoo, I completed the first sewn item for the Puerto Rico Wardrobe Saturday afternoon! This is the Sewing Workshop Mixit Tank that I've already a couple of other times: a green linen one that was basically a wearable muslin and a fuschia cotton/linen one that was modified by shortening it through the bodice body to create a flared silhouette.

I used a wonderful piece of cotton lawn that I bought from Louise Cutting a couple of years ago for this version. Beautiful stuff, very soft, very thin, semi-sheer.

I had tweaked the pattern slightly after making the green one--lowered the neckline a touch and narrowed the front armscye by removing a tiny wedge at the top of the side seam. I used the same version this time, except shortened by 3" since I'm short waisted. I plan to make any future versions this length as well.

I also completed the second item last night after the Super Bowl--the Pure and Simple Shell by Louise Cutting's Cutting Line Designs.

I've also made this pattern before, so it went together relatively quickly. It would have been faster but I decided to use silk organza for the facings as I was worried about shadowing. The sheer organza was great for that--it virtually disappeared behind the white linen and was firm enough that I could eliminate interfacing. However, it became tempermental when turning the edges, especially on the neckline. But I was able to Make It Work, and I'm pleased with the finished result.

Here's a detail shot of the shell's reverse side, showing the organza facing:

Oh and speaking of shadowing, I experimented with the rayon print's lining this morning. The photo below shows the print fabric folded with white challis in between.

I'll throw the combination over Ms. Acme today for further consideration, but I think the combination of the two fabrics will work well.

We're leaving in less than two weeks for vacation. At this pace, I might be able to get three more garments done but I don't plan to kill myself like I did for the wedding and Kauai. My plan is to take a rest from brightly colored semi sheer prints and make the black linen TSW Hudson pants next, then the dresses. I have a TNT for one of them, the Hearts Fluttering in Vogue morph and I'm still figuring out the other.


sdBev-NL6538 said...

Louise Cutting PNS is one of my all time favorite blouses. 2nd is the MAF (My Hearts A Flutte). I'm sure you've made an excellent choice for your PR vacation

phyllis said...

Its snowing here was nice to see something so bright and summery!

Little Hunting Creek said...

So pretty and summery:)

gwensews said...

Oh, pretty, happy, summery!