Saturday, February 5, 2011

Puerto Rico Wardrobe, Part 4

This is the part where I go fabric shopping.

I had hoped to get through this project with stash and existing RTW, with the exception of shoes of course.

After yesterday's post, I decided that I needed something like a lightweight batiste for a lining, so I added JoAnn's to my list of stops on yesterday's expedition. It's been incredibly cold here but by afternoon, it was sunny with temperatures in the 20's. What could go wrong?

Well, I drove to JoAnn's and it was closed. Handwritten signs on all the doors stating they were shut down for at least two days. Condensation on the windows--oh, oh. Looks like somebody had a roof leak or burst pipe. Fortunately, there's a Hancock's down the street!

No batiste to be had, but they did have plain rayon challis. Unfortunately only 2 1/4 yards of white, so I couldn't stock up for spring and summer on this trip. Oh well, maybe I can find more at the other Hancocks if I can get over there soon.

Anyway, I got to thinking about the rayon print I posted. While it's beautiful, maybe it's more suitable for something else like a flowy skirt or a top. I could underline the pieces, but it's better not to force the fabric to behave too much against its nature. Over to the linen section, where I found this fuschia embellished linen-like rayon poly blend (how's that for a description?).

It's opaque and has more body, but still nice and soft. And there was plain rayon challis to match for a lining!

Problem solved, even though I ended up buying more fabric because there's always That Other Piece. In this case, it was this rayon/linen with purple, orange, and charcoal swirls. It doesn't go with the vacation stuff at all but I like it and will use it for something.

All in all I ended up with fabric for a dress, a back up lining fabric for summer (the white challis), and the piece bought on spec. Not too bad, considering.


Aminat said...

Those are lovely picks, I really love the colors....You are really getting ready for summer good one

sewing spots said...

Love the fuschia! Sounds like a good shopping trip despite the store closure.