Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another TSW Mixit Tank and No-Pattern Skirt

Well, it's only a couple of months late...

This outfit would have been perfect for Kauai in June, but oh well. I always think I can get more sewn than I do.

I made this in mid-August and planned to model it myself for the blog. Since we're into September and summer is over, I decided to post a dressform picture instead. As I often say, "done is better than perfect." If you follow this blog, you've already seen a previous version of the TSW Mixit Tank on me.

This project started with the skirt because I love border print fabrics. I was experimenting with a way to make a border print skirt simply, while still matching the design at the seams. So, I pulled this cotton from the stash and just started folding and draping around my body, then I ripped the fabric accordingly to form a rectangle. I used the Textile Workshop Brussels Skirt for reference but basically worked from the draping of the fabric. I matched the back seam by pressing under a seam allowance on the left side and basting it in place with Wonder Tape. Then it was just a matter of seaming, attaching elastic for a waistband, and hemming. Or so I thought.

Originally, the skirt was going to have just the single back seam. However, it was too wide on me and had too much ease, so I pinned out 3/4" on either side and added side seams. The amount was an arbitrary number based on pinching out what seemed to be necessary for a closer fit. It was not possible to have all seams matching and the desired circumference, so each of the side seams has a break in the pattern. This was the least obvious place, so I'm happy with how it worked out.

I realize the skirt is long, but it's in keeping with the Island-y vibe. I also tested the length in several places (including DH's choice of above the knee), but this particular fabric looked best in a longer length.

The top is based on the same TSW Mixit Tank pattern that I made in green linen. This one was shortened 4" by folding out the excess length in two places, then truing the seams by chalking a new cutting line with a french ruler right on the fabric. The result was a shorter, flared tank that (barely) fit the fabric remnants left over from the skirt. I'm planning to draft another short version that has all the length removed at the lower edge, resulting in a top that fits closer to the body


gwensews said...

Cute! I love a long skirt in the summer. Your border print is amazing!

Duchesse said...

I too like a longer skirt, especially showing off a border, and laughed at DH's preference. Reminds me of Do I look too busty in this?"