Thursday, February 3, 2011

Puerto Rico Wardrobe, Part 2

Here are some more items that might make it into the sewn portion of the Puerto Rico Wardrobe.

I think I need a dress, and I have two in mind. The first one is this OOP Butterick Fashion Express, very similar to a Vera Wang dress that TerriK pointed out. Sorry, the pattern is no longer on the website, but dresses similar to this pop up all the time as BMV and Simplicity offerings.

My other option is this little dress from Butterick 5225. It recently went OOP but is still on Butterick's website.

A complicating factor is that the fabric I want to use is this:

It's a very pale cream rayon, so see through will be an issue as you can tell from the photo. Lining is a must, and I'm thinking that will be simpler with the second dress. On the other hand, the second dress requires a strapless bra. I have one, but they aren't the most comfortable thing to wear, are they? I need to figure this one out or go fabric shopping. :)

Cropped pants. I have a RTW white pair that fits but I'd also like to bring a black pair. I have some linen left over from this project, so I'm considering a pair of TSW Hudson pants:

I'll let you know what I decide as I continue working on the items I'm sure of. I'll also post photos of more of the RTW items soon. In the meantime, here are the new sandals I bought for the trip. They're both adorable and comfortable. I got them from; the price was right too.


Cennetta said...

I like both dresses. But I agree it would be easier to line the second one. I hate stapless bra too. You can wear a convertible bra that has the clear strapes and/or make the dress strapes a little wider to conceal the bra.

BetsyV said...

Nancy do NOT make B5211. It is a feedsack on the body, even with the belt. I never posted pics of mine on SG last summer because it was so bad on me.

And it would be easy to line either dress with white cotton batiste, just treat it as an underlining and baste to the fashion fabric before you put anything together; treat as one layer.