Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Puerto Rico Wardrobe

DH and I will be heading to the sunny and warm island of Puerto Rico later this month, so of course I have sewing and wardrobe plans to share. I've selected a "theme" fabric from the stash here at Casa DaQ, this floral linen:

However, most of the clothes I'm taking are RTW. And here are some quick on-the-bed pictures of those items:

These two skirts are from Garnet Hill and are made of modal/cotton jersey. They're darker in real life but I lightened the photo to show the detail of the charcoal gray and black skirts.

I bought this sweater ages ago during the ASG Convention at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. Rhinestone zipper, y'all.

This cardi is from the late Casual Corner chain, a workhorse in black crochet.  This picture was also lightened to show detail.

These pants came from TJ Maxx and are the perfect gray to go with the print.

Since laying these out, my closet yielded some other items that I haven't photographed yet--white cropped pants, T-shirts, etc. I'll put them in another post.

Getting back to that linen, it's going to be a Pure and Simple Shell, one of Louise Cutting's designs that I've made before. I also making a TSW Mixit Tank from a floral cotton lawn in the same colorway:

I'm hoping to get a couple more items made but those two are the ones that are ready to go now; hence, the most likely to make the trip.


SewingLibrarian said...

I love the colors! The tops should add a tropical feel to your other "quiet pieces" as Loes Hinse would say. You have a nice wardrobe going there.

Terri K said...

What a great wardrobe plan! Love your fun skirts too!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Oooh, looks like the perfect plan for a tropical vacation. Love your two prints!

Duchesse said...

I love your new skirts! Be careful though about so much black in the clear, bright sun and heat. Lucky Nancy!!!