Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TSW Black and Cream Collection: Trio Pants

Nothing like working down to the wire, is there? The Conference starts tonight for me. I woke up way early Tuesday morning due to hot flashes (I know, TMI!), so I decided to sew instead of tossing and turning until the alarm went off. Sometimes there's just no point in trying to go back to sleep.

I made pretty good progress before having to get ready for work, making the pockets and basting them to the side panels. Then much more sewing after work. This morning, all that was left was casing and elastic, which I made quick work of. The pants were covered with thread and fur when it was all said and done, the downside of having a white cat that likes to hang out with me in the sewing room. So they've also been laundered.

Once again, not difficult, but precision is needed. This is a theme with all of the Sewing Workshop's patterns. Precision is helped by good marking. I'm finding that poking the fabric with an awl is a simple yet effective way to make all those markings needed. I think I learned about this years ago at a Margaret Islander class in Las Cruces, but haven't used it until now. It comes from the garment industry, like many of her techniques. Just because you don't use information right away doesn't mean it isn't useful. Someday it may rise to the surface and work perfectly.

The pattern has techniques for button closures and for zippers on those big cargo-style pockets. I used neither, substituting Velcro rectangles. I see this treatment a lot in technical RTW like Columbia, REI, etc., so I thought it was appropriate. Even the military has gone to Velcro! Other ideas include anorak snaps (the kind that use the plier-like tool) or even large sew on snaps.

The fabric is 100% linen from JoAnn's, of all places. See, not everything they sell is embellished. I bought this piece 2 years ago in July 2007.

Surprisingly the details showed up better than expected, even though these pants are black! I guess that's what 5 pm summer sun and flash photography will get you.

I'm still muddling along with the Mimosa Top. It's practically done but I need to psych myself up for the buttonholes. I'm not thrilled with the buttonholes produced by any of my machines at present. The one I know the best, a Brother, isn't playing nice, and I haven't made enough buttonholes with either the Bernina or the Janome Gem to feel proficient. But it will make an appearance soon, I promise!


Terri K said...

I am enjoying your progress. How do you like the fit of these?

Today I am ripping out the elastic and belting out of the dk navy Trio pant I wore on my trip to FL. I used the elastic recommended for Loes Hinse pants and it twisted around and around inside the casing - horrible. I prefer the elastic treatment I used on the 2nd pair. Will post about this on my blog.

kathleen said...

Did you like these pants? I've been looking at this pattern for awhile and thinking I might buy it and make up a few pairs.