Monday, July 13, 2009

TSW Black and Cream Collection: Ikina Jacket

I started on the Ikina Jacket Saturday afternoon. Wow, it sure goes together quickly. A couple of hours and I assembled the jacket bodice (including hems), attached the sleeves, and prepared the bias front band for recutting. And I still managed plenty of time to hang out and relax (although I totally forgot to make a dish for my church's monthly breakfast for the homeless. Oops--I'll need to bring two next time).

Sunday, I completed the sleeves and attached the facings and front band. It was all machine sewing to this point. The sleeves and facings require some precision in sewing but aren't hard. The last part of making the jacket required some hand sewing to attach the remaining edges. You probably could figure out a way to do this by machine as well, but I actually enjoyed the hand sewing. I felt that it gave me more control and results in a softer finish to the seam.

Today I finished the second facing, and with that, I'm all done!

Here are some close ups of the fabrics I've been using. I realized after posting the Plaza Pants that the mini windowpane check mystery fabric wasn't showing up well at all. So here's that one:

It's some kind of suiting, perhaps a rayon blend of some kind. I got it at the 2003 Albuquerque ASG chapter's silent auction.

The band of the Mimosa Top and bodice of the Ikina Jacket are made of this linen that came from JoAnn's in 2002:

The band and facings of the Ikina Jacket are made of this rayon/poly gauze from the Fashion Fabric Club, circa 1999:

So you see, there's a reason to assemble a stash. Eventually you'll be able to combine fabrics.

On a tangent, my neighbor's nephew visited for a couple of weeks and spent a lot of his time working on my neglected front and back yards. There's still more to do, but that's going to require heavier equipment than we wanted to deal with. The next step will be removing stumps and re-rocking those parts of the property that are looking thin. I'll be hiring a professional crew for that.

Seasonal weather has finally arrived! Hot as blazes and dry. It looks like it will remain that way throughout the conference.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Wow, you have been busy! Two really nice are going to look great at the conference!

Lindsay T said...

Yes, ditto what Carolyn said. This will be a nice change from the sweatshirt jackets you'll see a lot of the women wearing.

gwensews said...

Love the Ikana. I have that pattern, unmade. Did you length it? It looks longer than indictated on the pattern illustration.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Thanks Ladies! I'm glad you like the new creations. I should be posting 2 more pieces very soon, a Mimosa top and the Trio pant.

Gwen, the Ikina I made is almost straight out of the envelope. The only changes were to cut the neck and shoulder areas Small and armscye through torso in Medium.

Duchesse said...

Wow! I love this. Find it interesting without 'wearing you'. Would you be willing to show us YOU in all the pieces when it's done? I am in awe of your design and fabrication skills.

Kathryn, aka fzxdoc said...

Very cute, Nan! I didn't realize that you had a 'blog, but now that I know I'll come back often. Enjoy wearing that pretty new jacket.