Sunday, April 14, 2013

Random Thoughts

What to do when there's not enough material for a full blog post but there are things to say? Yep, bullet points and links...

  • Seems like everyone in the sewing blogosphere is watching the Great British Sewing Bee online. I'm no exception. I hope someone will bring it to America--without the Bravo/Lifetime style drama, please.
  • Not much sewing going on here at Casa DaQ, due to work and tax prep. I'm proud to say we completed our filing today and have received a net refund. Yay!
  • Back spasms have also popped up recently. I'm feeling fine today, but spent yesterday afternoon and evening with a long soak in the tub, heat pad, Aleve, and finally a Flixoral. I really do need to look into getting a massage therapist.
  • Retail therapy. I have a few packages coming due to on-line shopping. Coldwater Creek (meh, but good for basics and work) and Gorgeous Fabrics (had to jump on the black linen Ann showed on her blog). There's also a bauble coming from Wendy Brandes, who designs lovely jewels as well as writing hilarious blog posts. 
  • The St. Michael Vestry thank you dinner is tonight, and I'm one of the honorees! It will be a fun time. And in other church news, I'm in training to be an altar server.
  • I just received news that my submissions for the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta have been accepted! I submitted this jacket and this ensemble.
  • Warm weather finally appears to be here in New Mexico (again). For a while, I hope. It's hard to figure out what to wear when temperatures fluctuate between 20 degrees and 80 degrees in a 24 hour period.  Plus, our backyard is designed for outdoor living, and so it will be nice to have that space available to us again.
  • And hay fever season seems to finally be at an end. I can wear contacts and can breathe again! Both have been factors in no sewing. 
  • We had Jeans Week at work last week as a Heart Walk Fundraiser. We're having another one this week. I'm guessing our site manager really likes life in the West after being on the East Coast for most of his working life. Whatever, I will not look a gift horse (so to speak) in the mouth.
  • Mad Men is back! As is Game of Thrones!!


WendyB said...

Looking forward to delivering your bauble xoxo

NancyDaQ said...

Oh, thanks very much. I'm sure it will be fabulous!

Mary said...

Those are beautiful pieces that you have submitted to the Fiber Arts Fiesta. Good luck!

Tee said...

I'm loving the Sewing Bee as well and suffering through the hay fever season - nasty pollen everywhere!

gwensews said...

Hi. I love Sewing Bee. And Madmen. And Bomb Girls. All good.

RhondaBuss said...

Congratulations on your submissions. It's always such a wonderful feeling to have your work appreciated:)

Judith said...

I am also a Sewing Bee fan, and watching it from the other side of the pond! Lucky to have a peek around your blog ... J