Saturday, May 11, 2013

What I've Been Working on--Vogue 8817

Kind of quiet here lately, but there has been sewing.

I've been working on a prototype of a  t-shirt from Katherine Tilton's Vogue 8817. It has been blogged in the sewing blogosphere quite a bit for this view:

Although I love this tunic, I'm making the other one:

My version is a good bit plainer, as I'm using some dark charcoal jersey from the Vera Wang Lavender Label collection. bought out her inventory several years ago (2008?), and I bought several pieces. This is the first of it that I've sewn up.

This T has interesting lines that don't show well on the envelope photos. Princess seams with a two piece center front section, scoop neck, an oval inset in the back, and sleeve bands. The technical drawings show all of this (Views A and B):

I cut my usual size 10/14 combination of sizes, then made some additional width adjustments through the torso. I'm more than the B cup Vogues are drafted for, plus I'm carrying a little more in the waist/hip    right now, too. I also lowered the seam on the center front panel. The original placement hit me in exactly the wrong spot.

I'm almost done with the prototype. I had originally planned to have it ready in time for a trip to Chicago but life intervened. All that's left are the hems, but I'd like to try on the T one more time before stitching them.


Martha said...

What a cute T this is! Why didn't I ever notice this view? I look forward to seeing yours.

Mary said...

I totally missed this view-and now am adding it into my tee plan. Post a pic when you are done, ok?