Sunday, May 19, 2013

Random Thoughts

I've been trying to put together a "real" post for a while but nothing has come together yet. In the meantime, here's another edition of Random Thoughts.
  • I've worn the new T and like it very much. Sorry, no pictures yet. But it passes the wear test.
  • I did spend a weekend in Chicago with a great group of friends! A wonderful girls' weekend featuring the Haute Couture Club's annual fashion show and a visit to the Ebony Fashion Fair exhibit at the Chicago History Museum
  • I didn't plan to fabric shop, but it was impossible to resist the lure of Vogue Fabrics in Evanston. More on that soon.
  • Material Girls was last weekend. Much tracing and cutting of patterns. It's nice doing sewing related things with a group. We all work on our own projects, but it's a nice opportunity for conversation. I got some advice on what size to sew for the First Day of School project from one of the ladies. She sews for her little nieces in Puerto Rico. As a result, I cut a darling little peasant top out of a fabric remnant that's ready to sew up. Should be quick and fun. I'm planning on making some linen pants to go with, so some little girl will have an outfit. 
  • I experimented with a free HotPatterns download from yesterday. It's almost complete but I still can't tell if it's going to fit and exactly what it's going to look like. A try-on with the proper underpinnings is in order.
  • I submitted my entries to Fiber Arts Fiesta on Thursday. Interesting moment--the sewing competition is run by a long-time ASG friend. There was some confusion when I walked in because she couldn't find my name on her sheet. Well, she was looking for my former name! Yes, and we see each other pretty often and she knew I was married. Too funny!
  • DH and I are getting ready for a trip to the Tri-States next week for his college reunion. Other than that, we're still planning out some of the details (we're staying with family so that makes it easy). We will be seeing a Broadway play--we have tickets for the Motown show. 
  • Time to get up, more sewing today. I am hoping to sew up new pair of TSW Hudson pants for our vacation. 


Sewfast said...

Thanks Nancy for pointing out the new free pattern at thanks you as well for my order! looking forward to seeing what you think about the pattern!

Anonymous said...

That IS a cute top, Nancy. Thanks :) I don't know if it will become one I'll use but at least I now know about it. Maybe I'll wait until I see it on you ~Mary Beth

Gorgeous Things said...

Boy, I hear ya about trying to come up with a real post. My mojo just has not been present lately!