Sunday, May 8, 2011

Update, Q and A, and a Big Thank You!

I've completed 2 weeks at my new job. It's mentally exhausting learning all the new systems, but I like the company. One advantage of starting a new job with a class is that we can teach each other as we learn, and I can see some close bonds developing. Several of my team members are really young, as in right out of college. And then there are the rest of us, umm, "experienced" people. There are 14 people on the team, plus a team lead, analyst, and manager who transferred here from North Carolina.

I've even found bits of time for sewing. You've already seen my latest skirt in the last post, but I also made another pair of TSW Hudson Pants from the green Santa Fe cotton. I wore them out to dinner last night. I love this pattern and foresee future versions with variations. However, my next project will probably be more vestments. I got some of the matching fabric I needed while in Chicago, so I'll be making some gold stoles similar to the green ones I made last fall.

The weather has finally decided to be hot after a late freeze last weekend, so I've also made a minor attempt at culinary gardening:

I'm using containers, along with terra cotta ollas for irrigation. I planted 3 plants: tomato, basil, and mint. I planted basil (left) last year using the same system, and it did pretty well. Mint (front) is easy, so no worries there. I've never had much success with tomatoes (right), but we'll see. Even a few would be nice. Note to self: get a support for that tomato plant!

Laney asked if the new Simplicity 9570 skirt is something I can wear to work.

Actually, it is! The new workplace is business casual, and I'm not seeing many skirts. But I see no reason not to wear it, especially now that summer heat has arrived. I will have to be diligent in wearing the fake tan stuff and maintaining my pedicure, as panty hose aren't required and sandals are ok. 

Jules asked about the Michael Miller Italian fabric and asked for details. 

This is the fabric she's asking about: 

I bought it at Fishman's in Chicago, but it's currently on several fabric websites including eQuilter and Fabric Depot. It's a current Michael Miller fabric called "Parole Italiano".  It also comes with a black background.

judidarling commented on my new header with the cacti blossoms.

I took that picture last year or the year before. Unfortunately, that particular stand of cacti is gone due to some landscaping we had done. There are several other specimens around the property. We have some other varieties of cacti, too, but the orange ones are always the first to open up.

Several of you mentioned the rattlesnake statue, so I'll expand on that a little. Albuquerque has a program called 1% for Art, which means that part of the development budget on large projects has to be spent on artwork. In addition to the snakes, the program has resulted in some other interesting pieces around town, including the quirky "Chevy on a Stick" and many others.

Lastly, thank you very much for all the words of encouragement that you've left for me! I appreciate your support and kind wishes!!!


Jane M said...

Nancy, thank you for the additional gardening info today. I just googled more abut ollas and I'm going to try some homemade ones in our vege garden this year. We don't normally have a water shotage problem....but that doesn't mean I don't think we should be conserving and using this precious resource wisely. Hope your plants do well, too.

a little sewing said...

It sounds like things are going well on the new job - so glad to hear it. I like your new header photo, too.

Martha said...

It's so cool that you make vestments. I am working on some for my church with another woman. We are really struggling to find a green that is as pretty as yours. The greens tend to be more olive, which our priest does not like. We may have found a wool that will do, but wanted silk initially. Do you have any sources you recommend? If so, please email to me at Thanks so much!

ACorgiHouse said...

So glad the new job is going well, and fun that the dress "code" is a bit different so you can play around a bit. I'm looking into the ollos as well, I've never seen them but most of my gardening is big deck pots and I think these would be fun and useful, too. K