Monday, February 28, 2011

Puerto Rico Wardrobe: Pattern Assessment

Holy shades of worklife, Batman!

Assessment is not a word I've used much since leaving The Big Red Bank last July, assessing and deploying being two of my former manager's most favorite phrases. However, assessment seems to be an appropriate term now since I used some new patterns for my vacation wardrobe.

As usual, I packed too much stuff. However, it all fit into a single wheeled carry-on so I suppose it's not a big deal. The excess gave me a margin for error, and there were some. But first, the new pattern  highlights of the week:

Loved, loved, loved the black linen TSW Hudson Pants! I wore these over and over again during the week. I made them straight off the pattern, and my only complaint is there were no pockets. Easy enough to change next time, though. I see this pattern as a nice basic that can be changed up in many ways--add various pockets, omit leg darts, lengthen, shorten, add tabs, etc. Best new pattern of the trip.

Butterick 5211, the fuschia chemise I struggled with so much. It was ok, although the boatneck was a little high in front. If I decide to make this again, I'll drop the neckline about an inch, an easy fix.

Butterick 5225, the print dress. I tried it on one night, but couldn't stand the way it looked so it didn't make it out of the room. A baggy sack that does me no favors. I love the fabric though, so I'll likely be remaking it as a casual summer skirt. If I decide that I want to play around with this styling in the future, I'll use my TNT nightgown pattern (Simplicity 9505) that's much more flattering.

Both the TSW Mixit Tank and Cutting Line Pure and Simple Shell performed well. I preferred the Mixit Tank though, due to the fabric. Umm, cotton lawn. Must get more. I'll definitely continue to use these patterns in the future.


Marie-Christine said...

Cotton lawn is definitely perfect for hot weather, and it looks like you got plenty of that :-). That's why Liberty is still in business, even though their prints aren't to everyone's taste, and their prices are appalling.

shams said...

Very cool! Your vacation sounds lovely!

I also like the Hudson pant very much. I made a pair out of black ponte a year ago and realized just recently that I never blogged them. But I definitely need to make another pair. In fact, I'm wearing them in my blog post from yesterday.

ACorgiHouse said...

Vacation sounds terrific, I'm glad someone is enjoying warm weather somewhere. I have that Hudson pattern, and need warm weather pants. Glad you like it, I'm putting it in the lineup. K

Anonymous said...

It's really valuable to see patterns evaluated after they've had a chance to sink or swim in the real world. I'm guilty of reviewing while infatuated. Sometimes I need to go back and edit when it's not as wonderful as I thought at first.

Duchesse said...

I agree! Everything looks great with you standing still at home for the camera, but how it performs is the real test.

So glad you had a blast!