Monday, November 29, 2010

Kwik Sew 2948 Cardigan

This pattern is an old one that I've made several times since buying it in 2000. I cut out this version last February but put it aside due to work duties. I pulled it out on Sunday because it's cold enough for sweaters again, and I needed another project! This one was already good to go since it was already cut out. I feel like I'm on a roll with completion of the Thanksgiving Sewalong and want to encourage myself to keep sewing!

The fabrics I'm using are light green coordinating knits that date back to the late 1990s (!), leftovers from a previous ensemble. They're from Fashion Fabrics Club; the fabrics are a combination of acrylic, polyester, and other fibers.  One is textured and the other is smooth. Last time around, I used the textured as the main fabric and the smooth as accent. This time is the opposite, because I have a lot more of the smooth fabric left over.

I was able to serge together the shoulder seams, attach sleeves and complete both side seams in about an hour on Sunday evening. Knits go together so fast, especially with the serger to help things along!

 A couple of reader comments about the Giveaway:

 Karen Roth made this remark about the Sandra Betzina Vest pattern: just wanted to say if you've ever been unconfident about doing bound buttonholes, the instructions in the Sandra Betzina vest are the BEST! Of all the times I tried to get it right (welt pockets too) over the years this pattern was a major lightbulb moment. Perfect bound buttonholes/welts out of faux leather into a wool vest, bound to match. Worth it for that alone.  

Thanks, Karen--good to know! I was not aware that the vest had a bound button tutorial. TSW patterns teach a lot of great techniques. 

Pam asked: How does one manage to get so many duplicates? 

Pam, there are a few factors:
  • The local ASG chapter I belong to has a trading post, and independent patterns appear there from time to time. I've picked them up only to discover later that I already had the pattern. 
  • I also won some auctions on eBay that included patterns I already owned. Not an ideal scenario, but sometimes there are a few patterns in the auction you simply must have so you buy the entire lot. Thank goodness I'm past that! 
  • And then, there's just poor purchasing, thinking you don't have a pattern that you already have at home.
I've gotten more careful about pattern acquisitions since becoming aware of my wasteful ways! Still haunting the ASG Trading Post, but I haven't bought any eBay patterns in a while and I've cut way back on other pattern purchases.

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