Sunday, November 28, 2010

Comments, Questions and Answers

Duchesse commented about my post "Making a Mood Board": Knit sportswear leggings are not big here for women (young adults, yes) but the hosiery ones are a boon to women cyclists and the perfect in-between before it's so cold. 

I probably should clarify what I mean by leggings, because I'm probably not being clear. I don't mean the form-fitting knitted ones that are first cousins to tights and don't do most people any favors. A more accurate term would be skinny pants--they're close-fitting but don't cling to every detail of one's anatomy. I have a couple of pairs that are made from a fairly substantial firm knit.

Also, thanks for the compliment on my new banner! I'm amazed at how well iPhone pictures can turn out. I took this one at the rug auction and cropped it to fit. Now if I could only get Blogger's template design functions to work, I'd complete some of the other changes I want to make.

Martha asked: I'm curious about the size of your cutting mat. I've been trying to find a large one that fits my table, but the biggest size I've found so far is only 36 x 42... Your's looks much larger. Can you share where you found yours?

Mine is 59" x 33". It came from JoAnn's Fabrics. At the location I bought mine from, they were stored in plain brown corrugated cardboard boxes, with the mats rolled up inside. In other words, not readily noticeable. I used to use two large Dritz mats that I taped together. Each one was roughly half the size of my big mat.

I've also seen them at Ann Silva's, the Albuquerque Bernina dealer. Hers are made out of a different, thinner plastic but they seem to hold up well--she uses them in the classrooms and fabric cutting areas of her store. 

Marciae from the Artisan's Square board commented: Nancy - you must go to Crown Pointe to the rug auction - great place - we haven't been for a couple of years - we're overdue!!

I'd also like to go to the Crownpoint Auction sometime. It's a lot farther than Bernalillo but I understand it's the auction for Navajo rugs. Now would be a good time to go if you can afford it.

Mary, have fun on your Southwestern travels! December 8 will be here before you know it! Be sure to post about your adventures.

I've received many posts on recent projects--thank you, thank you! It's nice to receive your kind feedback on my projects. I'm almost done with the TSW Now Shirt. The pajamas were fun and quick--sometimes it's nice to bang out a project quickly and focus on how to produce efficiently. Not everything needs to be a Project with a capital P, know what I mean?

Don't forget to enter the giveaway! The Era Jacket is proving to be a favorite.


Duchesse said...

Thanks, Nancy! Funny, after your post about leggings, leggings are all I saw for a week.

Anonymous said...

I see you have used some lovely rayon fabric for your wardrobe. I can't find dress/blouse weight rayon here. Can you point me to suppliers? Thank you so much.