Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Projects

I'm taking a little break from the Boatneck Top, but still sewing. I'm just working on some other projects this weekend.

I recently did a bit of cleaning and organizing in the sewing room and uncovered some heathered mint green knit that was left over from a late 1990s project. There are actually two fabrics, a plain knit and coordinating textured knit. I think the fiber content is polyester and acrylic but I can't be sure. I'm making a cardigan out of it, using Kwik Sew 2948:

I'm making View B, the pink version in the illustration. This pattern has been around for a long time, and is a TNT for me. I think I have enough of the plain knit left to make the matching shell for a twin set.

My other project is a pair of TSW Urban Pants:

I've slightly modified the pattern to make full length pants, since it won't be warm enough for crops for at least another month. I'd like to get these done by next weekend. I have to decide on fabric first; hopefully no analysis paralysis to get in my way!


Pixie said...

lol at your analysis paralysis. Oh that's so me! I'm about to make a skirt that I'll have nothing to wear with, so I think I might check out that cardigan pattern. thanks for the inspiration

Duchesse said...

I love the top of that Urban Pants pattern, too! And I like them as crops but for my own eye find full length does something too conservative to the slit detail.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Duchesse, I agree. I'm making a stripped down version of the pants--skipping the slit detail altogether. There will just be a seam down the front on this version, while future versions will be likely to have more detailing.