Monday, February 15, 2010

Loes Hinse Boatneck Top: 1st Attempt is a Wadder

I've had this pattern for quite a while. Like the last one (Cowl Top), I hadn't made anything with it yet. I figured now would be a good time, since it's another basic shape and I had pretty good luck with the two Loes Hinse tops I just made. So, off to the fabric stash where I picked out another stretch velvet. This one has a regular pile and cost just $1 per yard, having come from the Jo-Ann's clearance section.

The photo above is from Loes Hinse's website and shows the funnel neck version. I'm making the version that actually has a boat neck. Strange naming of these patterns--only one view actually matches the style, the other variations do not.

This one is more fiddly to put together because it requires careful matching at the sleeve and neckline junctions. In my haste and hubris, I basically skipped marking the little dots from the pattern pieces to the fabric. So basically, I'm had an impossible time of turning under the neckline edge. And I'm not loving the fabric so much that I want to make it work.

I did sew up the side seams so I could at least try it on and see if it fits, and it does! So on to Attempt #2. I'll be sure to mark everything properly this go round.


Terri K said...

Nancy, sorry for your problems with this top. This is one of my favorites and I have some cheat sheets that will help with that shoulder match-up debacle. I'll post them tomorrow on my blog.

Duchesse said...

So that's what you call them? Great term, wadder!

My verification word is "Fecti", which reminds me of what we'd say here in Canada with a Newfoundland accent, that top, she's feckt.

sdBev said...

Love your comment Duchesse

I confess I did the same thing the first time. I had to go back to the table with all my pieces and put those marks in. Even then, I did not sew accurately enough, plus I don't like the turn-n-stitch neckline finish. My subsequent try was with the turtle neck collar and I did very carefully mark and stitch. It came out perfect. So good luck with your 2nd try.

オテモヤン said...
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