Thursday, February 11, 2010

One More Vera Wang Cut

I have one more piece to share with you--I didn't grab a picture of it from when the fabric was available, and they pulled the listing quickly when it sold out. Anyway, this is it.

It was described on the site as chiffon. However, it's definitely not chiffon as I understand it, as in sheer and floaty. I would describe this fabric as a tissue weight shantung; better, in my opinion. It's polyester but seems well behaved. I'm thinking of making it into a top.


Lindsay T said...

I just finished a tunic out of this top! You are so right, it's lightweight shantung or dupioni, no way chiffon. And the flowers were bigger than I expected. My tunic I made from this is kinda ugly, but that's neither the fabric's fault or the pattern, just an unfortunate combination of the two.

Duchesse said...

How much do you have? I see a sleeveless sheath.