Sunday, February 28, 2010

TSW Urban Pants

Last night I pulled a fabric that'll work well and cut out my pants. It's a navy and gray mini-houndstooth suiting. It reads as a solid taupe-y gray, so will be a versatile look.

I began sewing today, and the pants are going together easily. I've already completed both legs and attached them together. The next step is the waistband, then finally, the hems. This pattern is based on the same block as the TSW Plaza Pants that I've made before, so I'm familiar with the construction process. The fit should also be similar.

I forgot to mention that I've streamlined the pattern this time in addition to making this version longer. I left off the slits and button loops this time since this is essentially a test pair and because the weather is still cool.

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Duchesse said...

I heard from a tailor that the waistband really determines the hang of the pants. Is this true, or a "tailor's tale"?