Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sewing Workshop Plaza Pants

I decided to make a second pair for my upcoming trip to San Francisco for another Sewing Workshop Getaway. I made a pair at the last one that I wasn't totally thrilled with, but I later figured out what needed to be done to improve the fit for me. So with tweaked pattern in hand, I started in on a second pair. These were made from a rayon/poly suiting I bought from the clearance/jobber section of Jo-Ann's. More drapy than the last pair, which I think was part of the issue with them.

Sorry the picture is crappy, but I don't have a photographer and I haven't figured out a great way to take pictures of myself in the garment. I'll try to add one later if I get the opportunity.

These are much improved over the last pair. I narrowed the leg slightly and shortened the rise to avoid "butt droop". I also inserted the elastic all the way through the casing to support the waistband of the pants, since the fabric is not very firm. I flattened the casing in the front and sewed at the pleats so it looks like the pattern. I'm pretty happy with these, although I hope I'm not disappointed that I didn't add a lining. The fabric is pretty thin.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I'm sure they will work and if you find out that you need a lining later - you can use that info for the next pair!

Cindy said...

Hey Nancy. I've nominated you for an award!