Saturday, October 13, 2007

Not Exactly Radio Silence, But...

I'd hoped to post more, but I'm having problems with accessing wi-fi from the hotel. No, thanks, I don't want your AT&T connectivity, thank you very much. Yet it keeps trying to possess my computer anyway.

A quick summary of yesterday's activities:

  • It rained all day yesterday. Well, I did want the San Francisco experience!

  • Linda brought muslins of the Plaza Pants and the Ikina Pants. I fit the Ikina muslin in Medium. Right from the envelope. The Plaza Pants required only a minimal tweak for the Medium size.

  • I'm working on Plaza Pants now. They're cut out, and edges are serged. They should be completed today. Linda and I decided that the Medium would work for me, with a slight tweak to add a little bit of extra room. High hips, ya know.

  • We went to Satin Moon yesterday. Small store and lots of beautiful fabrics wedged into every nook and cranny. I was kind of overwhelmed, but did end up with a couple of pieces:

  • Fabrix is right up the street, and a whole 'nuther experience. I picked up 3 pieces of knits. Nice stuff and only $1.99 per yard.

  • I tried on a bunch of the clothes from Thursday's trunk show. There are several patterns I can wear straight from the envelope. Those would be the Now and Zen Tops (Medium), the Japonesque Top (Extra Small!), and the San Diego Jacket (Small). I'm planning on working on these patterns some more while I'm here.

  • Dinner was very nice. We basically took over Mescolanza, an Italian restaurant on Clement St. with our group of 16, and later discovered that we actually had reservations at a different Italian restaurant up the street! The food was excellent, and it was really a fun time.

I should have brought heavier clothes. This desert diva is having a little difficulty with the dampness here, so I'm feeling cold most of the time. It's nice that the hotel room has great linens, including a fluffy down (?) comforter and masses of pillows.


marty said...

Sounds like a wonderful shopping trip. Can't wait to see photos of all of your goodies. Have fun!!!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Ohmygosh Fabric Fixx - I get chills just from the name! Glad you got a few pieces. I overloaded my suitcase with fabric and thread from there when I was in San Fran!

Otherwise glad you are enjoying the trip and can't wait to see pics when you get home!