Thursday, October 11, 2007


I've made it to San Francisco, where I'm blogging from the Laurel Inn, our group's recommended hotel for the Getaway. I've been in travel mode since 6 am this morning, and fortunately, I was able to check into my room upon arrival at 1 pm.

Jeez, did I ever bring a lot of stuff. I had one wheelie with fabric and supplies, another wheelie with clothes and toiletries, and a computer/overnighter bag (courtesy of DBF). No travelling light, even if I wanted to. I didn't think sewing tools would be too acceptable to the TSA, so there was no choice but to check them. Unfortunately, the elevators at the Albuquerque Sunport were out of order this morning. Ugggh, it's no fun to schlep 3 bags onto 2 flights of escalators to check-in.

San Francisco is true urbanity, while Albuquerque is a lot smaller and more spread out. I'm feeling a little bit "country" at this point, know what I mean?

My clothes are hung up and I have a wheelie bag full of sewing stuff ready to take over to the Sewing Workshop this evening. I think that's the plan, Linda's last email mentioned bringing your "stuff" this evening.

Tonight's activity is a trunk show of Sewing Workshop garments while the attendees get to know each other and get started. Yes, my camera will be coming with me!

I haven't had much chance to eat today. Coffee, pretzels, and a diet Coke aren't going to get me much farther so I need to go in search of a late lunch. There appear to be several restaurants close by as well as a Trader Joe's.

More later...


Lisa Laree said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about your week and seeing what you create! What fun you're going to have! (trying not to be jealous... ;) )

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Ooooohhhh you're there! You will try to keep us updated daily, right? please, please!!!!

marty said...

I'm envious. Hope you have loads of fun and create some beautiful unique garments. Enjoy your getaway.