Wednesday, October 3, 2007


It's nice to be losing weight.

In addition to all the health benefits, I look better (IMO), I have more energy,it's easier to fit patterns, and I'm rediscovering clothes that I'd to put away because they were too small. Good thing I wear a lot of classics, they can be recycled in that way.

However, it's kind of distressing to go through the alterations stack of things I haven't even worn yet and discover garments that are too big. In other words, money spent for no good reason. I realize I could take them in. But I've been to this rodeo before and know that a garment can be altered to fit, but sometimes it still won't look right. This usually happens when trying to alter it down too much. I'm now mostly fitting into RTW 10, and some of these things are RTW 14s.

So it bothers me, but I'm not going to spend the money taking those too-large items to Miss Kim the alterations queen or take the time to do it myself. No, they're going into the charity pile for someone else to enjoy. Imagine the thrill of thrift store shopping and finding nice pants with the labels still attached! Well, it's happened to me in the past, and it was a great feeling! I hope these items will find a good home.

Even after the cleanout, I realized that I still have a giant collection of RTW to work on. The stuff behind the door...

...most but not all of it. There's also this section of the sewing room closet devoted to upcoming alterations.

Did I mention I also found a bunch of items in my walk in closet this morning that could also use a little work?

Ummm, most of these items just need to be re-hemmed so I really have no excuse...time to move these goodies from the sewing room to my closet, then onto my body. These selections do not include the items that I've put away because they're still a little too small but are becoming OK.


Mary Beth said...

Well! What a great problem to have, losing all that weight. I applaud your moving some garments on to others rather than try to alter them. Congrats on your new you!

Sharon said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Alterations are my least favorite part of sewing, but I'd have to say hemming comes in at a close second. Get your items hemmed and by the time those are done you'll be able to fit into the ones that are currently just a little too small!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I HATE alterations...could be my aversion to losing weight! LOL! But congrats to you at least you have someone to alter the pieces you want to keep!