Sunday, October 14, 2007


Saturday was a pretty productive time at the Sewing Workshop. We spent all day and well into the evening working on projects. From Friday, I had a pair of Plaza Pants cut out and ready to be sewn. I'm pleased to report that I got them done yesterday, and I'm wearing them today. And I also had time to start cutting out a San Diego Jacket, which I hope to have well under way by tonight.

There's a charming little jewelry store located across the street, called A Jeweler's Place. So of course, we had to go over and take a look. I ended up spending some money over there...2 pairs of earrings and a citrine, pearl, and silver bracelet are coming home with me.

(Sorry about the crappy photo. I only noticed the dust and Smudge's fur after taking it! But you get the idea.)

The owner, Carol Reed, provides great customer service. She adjusted the bracelet to fit my narrow wrist, and while I was there, she was helping a customer put together a design for a bracelet made of antique red coral beads. I'm accustomed to this with "fine" jewelry, but not so much with silver and semiprecious stones.

We also had a guest in the afternoon, Anna Lisa Hedstrom, who is a nationally-known fiber artist working in shibori. Among many styles of scarves, she had some pleated into flower shapes that were amazing.

Linda brought us dim sum for lunch, and we were on our own for dinner. Several of us went to a Mexican place, Tommy's, and I had an Enchilada Suiza dinner and a margarita. It was a different style of Mexican food than I'm used to, but delicious nevertheless. It was also nice to get out and walk after a day of hunching over a sewing machine.

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