Monday, November 22, 2010

Pajama Sewalong

Ann (Gorgeous Things) organized a pajamas sewalong for Thanksgiving time, and I'm participating. I'm making my usual pajama pants from McCall's 2476. I usually make a few pairs every year, so I'm about due for 2010.

I picked out 3 cottons from the stash last night and washed them to knock out the storage creases. Yes, you read it right. There are 3 pieces, meaning I'll be making 3 pair of pjs at the same time, using my big mat and rotary cutter. Each fabric is quilting weight cotton: batik ferns, retro Route 66, and an anime-inspired cat print.

Producing multiples is simplified by stacking and cutting all pairs at the same time. Stacking is a utility sewing technique--the fabric is stable, no design matching, and the pattern is a simple 2 piece TNT.

For the layout, I fold each of the freshly laundered fabrics lengthwise and press them, then lay them out on the table, aligning the folded edges. They're stacked from wide to narrow and the printed (white) selvedges are placed so they're visible.

Once stacked, I check to make sure the fabrics are smooth and uncreased. Then it's time to cut!

This stage goes really fast, so now I have 3 pairs of pj pants ready to go. My next steps will be to pre-press the casings and hem allowances. I also need to choose serger threads that will blend with all 3 fabrics--not the easiest task, given all the different colors in the fabrics I chose. Even with a BabyLock, I don't want to do much changing out of cones. I like to sew these in an assembly line manner as much as possible.


Duchesse said...

Such an efficient method! Are these for gifts?

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I just made two pairs of PJ pants. I considered trying to stack them but just did them separately. I'll have to try it your way next time!

Christiana said...

Great picks for jammie pants. I love the leaf print. I used the cut and stack method recently to sew some shorts for operation Christmas Child. I used white thread in my serger and only changed the thread colour on my sewing machine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, Love your blog and love your fabric for your pajamas. I'm curious about the size of your cutting mat. I've been trying to find a large one that fits my table, but the biggest size I've found so far is only 36 x 42... Your's looks much larger. Can you share where you found yours? I'm still using my dining table, but would like to have a better one - maybe a folding cutting table - but I need a bigger mat. I'm always worried about running off the edges and cutting my table.