Saturday, July 10, 2010


I continued to work on the napkin project, since it was easy, fun and useful.

When I switched to white thread, I started having a lot of trouble with thread breakage. I examined my set up, and ummm, I discovered that it was wrong! So the first nine napkins have a nice finished edge, just not a rolled edge.

Well, it was the first time I'd tried a rolled edge on the Evolve. No harm done, but it was a lot easier to work with when set up properly. I finished 10 more napkins:

There are still more that I could make but I'm stopping now that I'm through edging with white thread. I'm running out of space in the napkin drawer, so I'll save the rest of my blanks for when I retire more of the old ones.

I've had some comments about napkin fabrics, so I thought I'd give some more details. This round, they were all left from other projects and came from a variety of places. Above, the cookie print is from Jo-Ann's red tag section. It was originally intended for pj's but got used for last year's Ronald McD pillowcases. The fruit print came from Fabric Mart, also used for Ronald McD. The flamingo print came from Louise Cutting, back when she had a brick and mortar store in Florida. I used most of it for a nightgown. The floral was a Hancock's purchase that was also used for a nightgown.

The tropical print was from JoAnn's red tag section, most of which was used for Ronald McD. The Pepsi fabric was also from there and became pj pants. The cat batik came from Hobby Lobby and was also used for pj pants.

The vegetable fabric came JoAnn's red tag section; I made a gift apron from it. Yes, I like the red tag section! I find fabrics there that are often different from the usual JoAnn's stuff, and the prices are better. So it's a win-win proposition. The boot print came from the late Bonanza Fabrics in Santa Fe, which was a great scavenger hunt place. I used most of the piece for pillowcases so that the little boys at Ronald McD House would have something too.

My next project is a request from DH. I'm in the process of re-accessorizing the home office from a Florida theme to Southwestern. He has asked me to complete the valance that I promised to make when I pulled the barkcloth one off the window. I have the fabrics and a simple plan for the new valance. There are also several pillows that need to be re-covered with Southwest fabric.

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