Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Properly Posting Simplicity 9505 View E

OK, I promised to post photos of my latest series in which I'm cranking out multiples. Somehow, this seems to happen a lot with my sleepwear. I tend to make several pair of pj pants at a time, too. This is the rest of Simplicity 9505 View E, which I discussed before. The picture in that post was of Version 2, since Version 1 was in the laundry.

It seems only right that I should lead off with Version 1, then:

This one was made from a cotton remnant from Jo-Ann's, and it's perfect for this time of year with its beach print.

The next two were cut at the same time by stacking the fabrics. So, some semi assembly line production occurred. The fabric for the next one came from Louise Cutting's former store in Maitland, Florida. It was a souvenir of one of my many visits to the Orlando area to see my sis and the BIL.

This one was also the start of the extraneous facing incident which I wrote about in this post. To recap, I wasn't paying attention and put a facing on the back of both gowns that I was making at the time. Assembly line sewing can be a good thing, but remember that there's a downside as well. Such as:

Thankfully it turned out to be no big deal, just another design element. But I was still a bonehead.

This last one is a busy print, but it features hummingbirds. They're a favorite bird of mine, tiny yet fierce. This fabric came from a shop in Farmington, NM up in the 4 Corners region where New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona come together. Unfortunately, the shop didn't make it, but the 4 Corners is a still a cool area to visit.

These were so simple to make, real fun and easy projects. DF actually likes them, too!

On a tangent: While I was taking the nightgown pictures inside the house, this was going on outside:

The rain hasn't started here yet, but the temperature has dropped drastically and the winds have picked up. Hooray for rain!

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Miss Janey said...

These are perfect for summer sleeping. Very cute.