Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ronald McD Pillowcases

I know that I grouched about doing this project, but I'm mostly enjoying it. I still haven't been converted into a "service project sewer", oh no. But, sometimes it's fun to work through a simple project and sew multiples quickly, no muss no fuss.

At this point, I've made these six:

These 4 are waiting to be sewn:

I also have this pile of discards:

Yes, you're seeing the wrong side of all 9 (!) of them. Let me explain...

44"-45" width fabric is a misnomer. The discards are the proof of that. Most of these were more like 41"-42" wide, too narrow unless you cut down the length of the fabric. Unfortunately, I cut across the width, oops! By the time I figured out my mistake, I'd already pre-ripped them into the proper lengths and sewn the end seam. And I left them inside-out because I didn't have the heart to turn them.

But fear not, I actually have plans for these and they will be used eventually. I'm thinking dustbags for purses and garment covers for out of season suits. Stay tuned.

I also have a pile of leftovers that will become napkins. Easy, cute and environmental. In addition to the pillow scraps, you may recognize some other previous projects in the group:


gwensews said...

These pillowcases will be so appreciated. I know from personal experience.

quilteddogs said...

The Phoenix ASG chapter has been doing these pillowcases for several years for the RM House in Phx. As Community Service Chair, I was the one to collect these and see all the different ones our members made. It was really nice and RM House always wrote us thank you letters.

Linda said...

Our ASG members are making these as well for the National Conference coming your way and for the local Ronald McDonald house. Like you I have not been a good "service sewer". Just not enough time in my day/week to do all the things on my list of things to do and to want to do.