Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thank You Turbo Tax!!

Since I procrastinated so badly this year, yesterday I bailed and decided to purchase Turbo Tax instead of darkening my CPA's door. He makes me do an extensive worksheet anyway, so why not enter the information in a program myself?

I'm so glad I did. I wouldn't call my tax return simple, but it's not nearly as complicated as some that I've analyzed for my job. And the program prompts you for the the information you need to provide.

Thanks, blog friends, for bearing with me during this time. And thanks for your emails. I felt good that you thought enough to write.

I'll be back soon on my regular schedule. DF will be gone this weekend, and course I'll miss him, but I'll have time for posting.


Raesha D said...

Turbo tax rocks! I've used it for about the last 10 years. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! And you know to do your state taxes on the state website, right?? Free!!!!!

Shay said...

After twenty years of listening to the spousal unit's bad language while he wrassled with our taxes, I bought TurboTax five years ago. We will never go back.

Their advertising is a bit misleading, they aren't going to find some miracle deduction that saves you a bundle, but they are going to help you cross every t and dot every i.

I do the taxes for our neighbors who are retired and on a limited income, and I like the fact that the TurboTax people offer their short form gratis online for those making less than a specified dollar amount each year.