Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Q & A

I'm going to try and be a better blogger by responding to my questions on the site. Not everybody reads comments (I know, hard to believe!), so I hope to answer some questions that others may have and feature some other bloggers as well.

Duchesse said...(re: TSW Urban Pants post):

I heard from a tailor that the waistband really determines the hang of the pants. Is this true, or a "tailor's tale"?

That's one I haven't heard before. But the waistband is typically the anchor point for the pants, so that makes sense to me. Can anyone else help us out?

Eileensews said...

I'm a regular follower of your blog. I am actually in NM visiting friends and lo and behold today I went to an apparel fabric store in Santa Fe that has, according to the owner, been open about 2 months. It is called Santa Fe Fabrics at 533 West Cordova.

I was traveling in this area over the summer and I only saw JoAnn and Hobby Lobby.
You may have already seen this place or not live in this part of the state.
Anyway, just passing the information along.

Thanks for reading my blog and for posting a comment!

I've heard of this store but haven't had a chance to visit yet. I'm in Albuquerque and haven't had an opportunity to do a road trip to Santa Fe in a while. Hopefully, soon.

Duchesse said...(re: My Hearts a Flutter--Version 1 is Complete)

Help a non-sewing sister, what's a 'wearable muslin'? I get that it would be a test piece but does the term imply one is not using good fabric? Then why wear it?

Excellent question. To me, a "wearable muslin" is a mythological beast. To me, muslins are prototypes that are run up quickly to test the fit. Once you're comfortable with the fit, then you use your nice fabric. Typically muslin is a white or ecru fabric that you can buy for this specific purpose at the store. I would never wear a real muslin anywhere but the sewing room, and wouldn't spend the time making a muslin nice so I can wear it. And if you start with the nice fabric, why sew quick and dirty?

In this case, the fabric was left over from an earlier failed project and I had already been told that the fit was similar to another shell I'd made from the same pattern company. So I had a pretty good idea it was going to fit--and if it failed, then no great loss, since it was from a ruined project. By the way, this is a good quality cotton, it was just cut up and partially sewn already.

PS I'm glad you liked it! Since it's cotton, I think it'll soften up over time. And now I can make some out of fancier fabric!!

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