Monday, April 5, 2010

My Hearts a Flutter--Version 1 is Complete

I've been working on this one in dribs and drabs. If I were a person who makes "wearable muslins", this would have been one. As I mentioned before, I cut the pieces for this top out of cotton that I'd previously used in an unsuccessful attempt at charity sewing. So objectively, the fabric is a bit too stiff for this pattern.

However, it did come out well. I traced a straight Medium and it's definitely wearable as is, even with the fabric I used. I do think I'll be adding a tiny bit of ease next time but it'll be an incredibly minor tweak. 1/8" per side seam is about as good as it gets, don't you think?

So yes, I 'll be making this shell again.


gwensews said...

That is a nice shell, and I love the other piece that goes with it--the blouse/jacket. Someone else is trying to make that top- I really must get that pattern, and the one that is the 3-color block coat.

Duchesse said...

Help a non-sewing sister, what's a 'wearable muslin'? I get that it would be a test piece but does the term imply one is not using good fabric? Then why wear it?

Yours is so pretty.