Sunday, April 11, 2010

Simplicity 9570 View B, OOP

I started another project today, this one is a repeat of a skirt I've made several times before but don't currently have in my closet. This is very similar to the Loes Hinse Swing Skirt:

However, I found the Simplicity version first, so it's the flounce skirt pattern I always use. The Simplicity is long out of print, so if you feel inspired to sew one from my example, the Swing Skirt is still available.

The fabric is some type of polyester that I acquired from JoAnn's in 2006.

I had it saved for another project, then I realized that it would be a PITA for a dress, but perfect for a skirt! The fabric is relatively thin and it's wiggly to cut out. Best for something simple that doesn't need precise matching. I wear all the colors in the print so I'll have plenty of tops it'll go with. I probably should line it but I'm considering wearing a slip at this point. We'll see how I feel when I get into the construction phase.

Edited because this paragraph made no sense before--thanks Susan, for commenting so I noticed. I modified Simplicity's design slightly when cutting out. I deleted one of the flounces. It's a simple enough change, and really, is a double flounce really necessary? I think not, even though I have a bunch of fabric left. But let's KISS, shall we?


Susan Fogel said...

Am I missing something? I did not see your version of the skirt.
But I do like the pattern, and your print will be nice for Spring and Summer.

I have lots of older patterns that I make over and over again. In fact the yellow dress on my blog is one I have made four times!
Please take a moment to visit my blog

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Hi Susan, there's no picture of my skirt because I just started working on it. It's still in pieces, so nothing to see yet.