Friday, July 3, 2009

Skeleton Crew, Rebellion, and Wardrobe Planning

So much for bankers' rules. If the Federal holiday falls on a Saturday, we don't close the previous day as we used to. Fortunately, we still get time off, just not for the holiday. As a result, I'm cleaning my office because my customers are businesses and have closed for a long weekend. It's probably busy at the branches though. There are 4 of us here this morning, and there will be 3 in the afternoon. Normally, we have 7-8 in the department itself, plus the other groups that we share our floor with.

I'm being a little rebellious today, wearing my latest Plaza Pants with a Cynthia Steffe twinset and Carlos Santana mules. Sounds pretty conservative but I'm breaking the "no bare legs" rule. Yes, we are a panty hose wearing company. Usually I'm ok with with wearing them because I'm pale, but sometimes you just need to break out a little.

I'll be on my own for the weekend. DF is on his way to New Jersey on Saturday morning for a family funeral and won't be back until Tuesday. So I'm planning to work on my black and cream TSW outfits for the ASG Conference.

I'm also hedging a little in case my reach again exceeds my grasp, and I don't accomplish as much sewing as I'd like. So I'm thinking of items already in my closet that will give that Sewing Workshop look without necessarily being an entire ensemble. I think sometimes people get overwhelmed with this line because they feel they must dress head to toe like the pattern envelope. It can become costumey. Not that these patterns are costumes--but sometimes, hmmm, they can be a little over the top, particularly if it's a departure from the wearer's usual look. Hard to say what I mean by this without sounding like I'm giving offense to the wearer or Linda Lee. That's not my intention at all, I hope you understand. Personally I see the pieces as separates instead of ensembles, which means that these items can mix in with RTW and other sewn garments without a problem. Sometimes it's the better approach.


gwensews said...

I know what you mean. Those patterns are very distinctive, on the cutting-edge, with their various angels and seamlines. Have fun sewing this weekend. What a great way to pass the time when you're alone.

Have you seen the Sewing Workshop patterns at I love what Kathryn did with the Bells and Whistles shirt she made with a striped fabric. Fabulous!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Uggg! That getting a day off later would kill me! Everything is on holiday schedule here so it would be hellicious trying to get into NYC on time...thank goodness the stock market is closed so we are closed.

Have a good sewing weekend!

Terri K said...

Your "look" sounds stylish and tasteful at the same time Nan. I mix RTW with all of my sewn pieces too. Your ASG coordinates sound great. I cut out and am almost finished with the Trio top. Finished the pants and like the look w/out the pockets. I did use a 3/8" seam down the front/back because I wanted a bit more ease and that was needed for the S waistband to fit the top - go figure.

Duchesse said...

Go ahead and tell it like it is, Nan! Some of those photos I see occasionally in publications like Threads are of talented people run amok. Sewing skill does not automatically confer taste, and I was a prime example, back in the day.