Monday, June 29, 2009

Material Girls

Material Girls is one of my ASG chapter's Neighborhood Groups. Fortunately, it meets on Sunday afternoons when I can attend. I had stopped going for a long time and recently started up again. It's fun to have a group sewing experience. No agenda, just sit and sew. Because a couple of the participants work there, we use one of the classrooms at Ann Silva's store. We just lock ourselves in for a few hours and enjoy. I really appreciate her willingness to loan us her facility on a day when the store is closed.

I took some of my Sewing Workshop patterns with me so I could prepare for my pre-Conference sewing. I was able to cut out the Trio T and pants. No, I didn't trace first. I had the opportunity to try on samples at the last Getaway, so I'm pretty sure of the sizing (although those pants may end up a size smaller than I cut out, an easy fix).

The Trio T will be made from the black print mesh I showed in the last post. Originally I'd planned on using striped linen for the Trio Pants put I've changed my mind and will be using a solid color black linen instead. It'll be easier than having to match stripes with my limited time frame, but maybe another time.

I also cut out another Mimosa top, this time from a cotton print of chile ristras that I've had stashed away for quite a while. Arggh, more blur. What's going on with me and the camera. Sorry folks!

The binding will be another fabric that I pulled, a linen blend that has both black and cream threads. I was short on the cotton, and besides, I thought an all print top might look too home-y.


gwensews said...

Sewing is so solitary. Sewing groups are great for sharing and learning with others.

Little Hunting Creek said...

That sounds like fun! And I love your chile fabric

Duchesse said...

What a great, easy warm weather top! The chile fabric proves (to me anyway) what I've always said about context. I love the whimsy and where you live it will be terrific; where I live not nearly as perfect.

Lindsay T said...

Hey, I need a sewing group too!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I'm glad you have rejoined the group...I'm sure that you will get so much accomplished this way! Sewing is good by myself but when I've sewn with a group its been fun to hear the different opinions and listen to the conversations!