Saturday, July 4, 2009

TSW Black and Cream Collection

DF left this morning, so I started working on my black and cream group in earnest today. So far, the following garments are all cut out, marked, and ready to sew:
  • Mimosa Top. You saw the chile print cotton already, albeit blurred. The bands are black linen with cream threads woven across the weft.
  • Ikina Jacket. I used the linen I used for the Mimosa top for the body of the jacket and a black and cream plaid rayon/poly for the bands.
  • Plaza Pants. Black and cream mini windowpane check.
  • Trio Pants. Solid black linen.
I've made the Mimosa Top and and Plaza Pants before, so construction should go quickly. The Ikina Jacket is new for me, but the instructions look straightforward and simple (famous last words, I know!). The Trio Pants are another design that I haven't tried before, so I have my fingers crossed on that one.

I have some additional fabrics I'd like to make up. There's a cute devore linen that I'd like to make into another Now Shirt. There's also a black and cream pinstripe linen that would make a great pair of pants, I just don't know what style yet.


Duchesse said...

What do you do with your linen jacket? Is it washable? The drycleaner charges me so much to dryclean mine that I don't wear it.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Duchesse, I always machine prewash and dry any yardage that comes into my house, so I know this linen will hold up to the washing machine. In addition, the jacket I'm making is an unstructured style, so there are no internal structural parts to be ruined by water.

So yes, I'll be washing it, albeit occasionally and on the gentle cycle. I'll probably hang to dry though.