Monday, July 9, 2007

Kinda Sorta

I've been invited to join the tagging game, which is making the rounds again. I kinda don't want to because it's hard to come up with enough facts. However, being a generally good natured person, I don't want to turn anyone down flat either. So, I'm going to be a sport and kinda sorta play the game.

The rules are:

1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each participant posts eight random facts about themselves.
3. Tagees should write a blogpost of eight random facts about themselves.
4. At the end of the post, eight more bloggers are tagged
5. Go to their blog, leave a comment telling them they're tagged

Umm, last time it was 5 random facts and 5 bloggers. Inflation, I guess.

So here's how I'll be a slacker and break the rules. I'll participate in rules 1-3 to the extent I can come up with enough facts. However, I'm not going to do 4 and 5. If you would like to participate, please post your 8 random facts on your blog, and leave me a comment.

  1. I'm thinking about throwing myself a birthday party next year. It's the big 5-0 and someone needs to.
  2. I wear my diamond solitare (from the X) as a right hand ring. It's silly to have sparklies and keep them locked away.
  3. The long wall of my closet is lined with shoe racks. 4 levels worth. I haven't counted up the shoes. I'm a little bit afraid to.
  4. I just renewed my driver's license and lied about my weight. I used goal, not actual. Well, I'll have it for 8 years!!
  5. My bachelor's is from Vanderbilt University, a school I probably would not be able to get into today. Not that I'm not qualified, but it's more of an "It" school now and harder to get into. I had a wonderful 4 years there.
  6. My father was the first Kentuckian in history to graduate from Appalachian State University. He knew the founders personally (my Dad was old when he started a family). He was instrumental in ASU's Daniel Boone statue being installed (really!)
  7. My maternal great grandfather moved to the US from Belfast, Ireland. His family name was Montgomery.
  8. I grill out as often as I possibly can and enjoy trying new grill recipes, reading about grilling, watching TV shows about grilling, etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading 8 more things about me. Now, y'all post your own 8 facts, OK?


carolyndh said...


I would love to contribute to your 50th birthday celebration next year in some way! (Mine will be year after next). Okay, I will do the 8 items on my blog--so consider that you tagged me.

Anonymous said...

Ah, an Irish sister... see, you posted all sorts of interesting things we didn't know. DH and I are grillers too. We grilled pork chops this weekend-- YUM!!

Bev said...

I think the last time my weight was correct on my DL was when I was 17 years old. No kiddin'! I still list the weight I said 20 years ago, and I was lying then, too.

Daniel Boone statue? Too cool.

Marji said...

LOL, I kept shaking my head 'yes' to your first 4. I didn't throw myself a party for 50, but if I were to have a party, I would have had to throw it. I wear the diamond from my first marriage as earrings - I went and bought myself another to match after the divorce and had earrings made. I have a whole closet for shoes...and have made a pact with myself that I can't add a new one without taking one out and getting rid of it - IOW they need to fit into one of the cubbies...then I made all sorts of other rules - like off-season shoes could go in a bin under the bed, and shoes that don't fit in the bins don't count, (athletic shoes and all the boots) ...
I knew I liked you.
I challenge you to take a shoe pic.