Monday, July 9, 2007


I think I have a pattern picked out for a blouse to match the brown and white skirt I just finished. It'll be:

New Look 6598 View C, the sleeveless view with the collar. Yes, I still do sleeveless in spite of being 49. My arms, while less Madonna-esque than I'd desire, still have some definition. And hopefully will have more as I ease my way back into my weightlifting routine.

And as I told MaryT., it's hot here! A dry heat, but hot all the same. Sleeveless is definitely an option I need to take advantage of as much as I can.

In addition, there's just enough of the fabric left to get a sleeveless top from it. Sleeves would be problematic even if I wanted them.

The reason I picked the New Look was because I want to try this pattern out. It has a high potential for being a TNT due to all the neckline and sleeve variations.

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Donna Hodgson said...

I've made two blouses of view B and just recently made one of view D. The recent one was made with that nice watercolor (blues, aquas) stretch cotton from Gorgeous Fabrics. Because this top is a V neck without a collar, the men I know who know nothing about fashion (or common sense) tease me that it looks like a scrub smock! Come on! It's much shorter and has no pockets. It's just that it's a V neck in a floral print. Sheesh. But wanted to give you a heads up.
It's a great pattern, though. One of my TNT's.