Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vogue 8645 Dress

I've been on a bit of a linen binge lately, and this dress is another example. I got this fabric last year at JoAnn's, not my favorite fabric store (is it for anyone?). But I have to admit that even they have nice fabrics now and then. It's a linen and rayon blend, based on how it feels and drapes. One of the reasons I chose this fabric was because the design went all the way across the width, so I didn't need to worry about the placement of the pattern  pieces (no bullseyes or twinning).

I've been meaning to make up this pattern for a few summers but something has always gotten in the way until now. The pattern is out of print but is currently still on the Vogue website.

One of the major changes I made in sewing this dress was to eliminate the lining. I just serge finished the edges, turned them under, and topstitched. The linen is heavy enough that there's no show through.

This was an easy sew and I think the pattern's a keeper.

Patent leather slingback platform sandals by Vigotti and my standard silver hoop earrings.


Joe Zuchowicz said...

Hi Nancy, what a beautiful linen fabric. You did a really nice job. Excellent pattern choice. With all the heat in New Mexico going without the lining was probably a very wise choice. I just finished sewing a pair of black linen pants for my wife to wear for her job. It's becoming one of my favorite fabrics to sew with. Have a wonderful night ~ Joe

Patricia said...

What really lovely fabric - I love linen too. I wish we had Jo-ann's here in Australia. It is a great pattern, and a perfect summer dress in a hot climate. Great sew.

Tee said...

You look so summery! I love the dress on you! Great job!

Coco said...

Love this! what a great fabric and pattern, you look wonderful.

Vicki said...


Anonymous said...

Quite lovely! I love the colors on you and it's so cheerful. Just got back from an extended trip to NM/CO/UT - I LOVE NM. Couldn't believe how green it was!