Sunday, June 28, 2015

Linen Apron

I finished this project last month but I've been holding it back because it was a gift. It's been mailed and the recipient has confirmed she received its, so it's time for the reveal.

I got this fabric last year while visiting Nob Hill Fabrics with Shams.

I had to get it because the print featured some orange haired fashionistas, which reminded me of my red-headed sister. I only bought a yard because my original thought was a bag, then I changed my mind and I've been looking for another project ever since. Because, perfect fabric! Here's a closer view of it on the right:

I saw the apron on Facebook, courtesy of the blog of Full disclosure, I have not bought any actual fabric from them yet but plan to once I've worked the stash down a bit.

Anyway, an apron was a great choice because my sister loves to cook, and the pattern called for the right amount of fabric. It's really easy to wear too, no ties or fasteners to deal with. Just throw it on and you're all set. Here's a link to the tutorial. The hardest part for me was drawing out the pattern. I adapted it slightly, making the straps into a separate piece pattern piece to save on fabric. Also, I hemmed the edges instead of just serging them as the pattern suggests. Even so, it took minimal time to make and would be a great gift for any cooks in your life.


Linda said...

Cute apron. I like that fabric!

theresa said...

Thank you for the link to the tutorial, Nancy. I have a one yard Christmas print fabric that will be just perfect for this.