Thursday, February 26, 2015

The SewWest Closet

I'm trying to catch up with some garment pictures on me for a change. I'd like you to have some idea of my style and how I put things together, as well as the latest items hot of the machine. Until I come up with something better, I'm labeling those posts as "The SewWest Closet." Not very original but it is what it is

DH got me a new tripod round Christmas, which I accessorized with a camera phone mount and a bluetooth remote shutter. So yes, now I'm taking blog photos with my iPhone. I play around with my photos after the fact on my laptop or in Instagram. But until I break down and get a "good" camera, that's what I'm doing.

I still have my point and shoot but I got it just before bluetooth became common. So it's not so good for selfies, even with a tripod. It has its place because it still does a good job with still shots and macros.

The first of the series will be up soon, so keep an eye out for it. I may also go back and label some of my older posts as well--no promises but that's the plan.

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Janine said...

I always love to see garments on bodies. I know it takes time so thanks for doing this. Best wishes, Janine.