Saturday, February 21, 2015

Second Loes Hinse Sweater Set

I was almost able to finish another Loes Hinse Sweater Set before the trip, but didn't quite get it done.

This one is made from a Missoni-ish knit fabric that I've had in the stash for a long while. There are are two yarns, a chenille and a thin rayon. It came from JoAnn's, back when they had quite a bit of good "jobber" fabrics. I still have some green and some black left in this fabric.

Since I'm lounging about with no makeup and pajamas, I'm showing it on Ms. Acme this time.

My serger did not like this fabric at all, so I used a conventional machine throughout, a narrow zig zag for construction, then a wider zig zag for finishing. The new machine did a great job making all the buttonholes.

Coco recently asked about my dress form. It's an Acme adjustable form that a friend gave to me when she moved to Oregon several years ago. Based on the label (which fell off and is lost), I think it's probably from the 1950's-early 1960's. It has metal bars on inside to allow for adjustment. It a bit smaller than I am, so I use it for display vs. fitting. It comes in handy during construction as a tool for working out how the garment should look.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

This is lovely! I bought this pattern and meant to use it and never have. Why? I also have some fabric just like this - maybe it's time I made a copy of your version using the LH Twinset Pattern!

Linda said...

Nice! Love the colors in this sweater knit.

Meg Allen said...

Very nice. I like the neckline of this!

Coco said...

Now you've really got me! I'm ordering this pattern! Just love your two sets!! I do need them here!

Louisa said...

I don't know how I could sew without my dressform! If she's too small you could always make a fitting shell, put it on Ms Acme and stuff it to match your shape better. That would nicely cover the gaps in her torso too.