Sunday, June 22, 2014

2014 First Day of School Project

The Albuquerque ASG is repeating this project this year.  Unfortunately there are still a lot of kids who don't have clothes for school. We had such great support for it last time that it was an easy decision.

I set aside several pieces of fabric that were left over from other projects as well as some donations (thanks Patti F.!).  I'm using Butterick 5776 again for the little girls' tops and pants.

I was able to cut all the tops out at a recent Material Girls meeting:

Two sessions of sewing and the basic tops are done. I'll decide about embellishments later because I still need to make the pants.

The first three are made out of lightweight linen from JoAnn's, which I originally used for a couple of tops for myself.  A watercolor print:

I had enough of the fuchsia/yellow/gray floral for two tops. Matching tops for twins, sisters, or best friends? I hope so!

The next two are cotton. The green came from JoAnn's and was previously used for the Mary Bridge project:

This cotton came from Nob Hill Fabrics in Albuquerque. I previously made a summer nightgown from this:

I have two pair of gray cotton pants and a pair of blue linen blend ready to be sewn. I'm still trying to find stash fabric for pants to go with the green floral and gold/red/purple floral tops.

If time permits, I'll start on some outfits for boys. We have a visitor next weekend, and I have mandated overtime for a few weeks as well.  I'm not sure I will get to all of it by the July deadline, but I'll have least five outfits finished.

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Linda T said...

Great project! My ASG group sews for our local children's shelter. They especially want pj's so sewing with fun fabrics is always enjoyable.