Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fabrics and Projects

I'm adding photos of the cottons I bought at Nob Hill Fabrics:

I guess both of these would be considered "quilt cottons" in some circles, but I think they can stand on their own as well.

I also finished the latest batch of pj pants after DH and I returned from a wine tasting Saturday afternoon:

I know you've seen similar before, but these are fun to make and great for hanging around the house. If it weren't for items like these, what would I do with crazy cotton prints that catch my eye and fall into my shopping cart?


gwensews said...

I love pj pants. I'm home a lot, since I don't work, and pj pants with a Tshirt is perfect. If someone comes in unexpectedly, at least you're covered up!

patti said...

Like the new pj pants and the new fabrics--that blue and pink floral is especially appealing to me.

I'm wondering what 'normal' life is~

Christiana said...

Great prints! 100% agree, PJ pants are fun to sew and a great way to use up those fun prints. Love the kitty one