Saturday, February 4, 2012

Yay, February!

Yes, I'm still here. And I'm actually getting some sewing done! Another batch of pj pants using that stand-by of mine, McCalls 2476. I know. Not all that exciting but a bit of utility sewing is always good after a break. I made one pair last weekend, and almost completed the other two this morning. Gotta love a peaceful Saturday.

Life is slowly returning to normal (fingers crossed). The church pledge campaign has ended, thankfully, also the annual meeting and election of new Vestry. The spike in activity at work has passed, so things are proceeding at a busy but more sane pace. It's been so crazy that I finally got the Christmas stuff put away only last week (hangs head in shame). Whew--there was a lot to deal with during January, no wonder I couldn't get much sewing or blogging done.

And as usual with no time to get any actual sewing time in, I've been buying sewing related things. I discovered another local sewing shop yesterday, Nob Hill Fabrics, located on Central near Carlisle. I've known about this place for a while because the owner made a presentation to our ASG chapter and my friend Leslie teaches there. But this is the first time I actually visited. Yay, another independent store on my way home from work! I bought a couple of cottons while there (pictures to follow), and I have my eye on some other pieces. I'm still working on sewing down the stash though, so hopefully they'll still be there when I visit again.

I know I have several questions in my in-basket here at SewWest, so I hope to catch up with those in the near future. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Big Game no matter who wins!

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