Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fiberly Train to Santa Fe, A Special Shopping Experience

One of the most special parts of the recent Fiberly Train weekend in Santa Fe was visiting Santa Fe Dry Goods and its sister store, Workshop (several times). The staff could not have been nicer, and was so willing to  show their merchandise to us even though we were unlikely to buy anything. What an excellent opportunity to examine high end ready-to-wear up close and in detail! I didn't take any shots inside, but here are some outside shots of the stores and the windows.

If you're a sewist, you probably know how fun it was to examine these garments up close and touch the fabrics. Most were natural fibers but there were some made of polyester, too. Each has its place.

There were several items I was inspired by, including Rundholz (T Shirt), Etro (several pieces),  Avant Toi (cardigan), Sophie Wang (techniques), Isabel Benenato (techniques) and Issey Miyake (pants and a top). I'm planning on incorporating some of the looks and techniques I saw into some future garments.


Dixie said...

Such unusual, artistic clothing. It must have been a very rewarding snoop shopping experience! Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

Martha said...

Oh these do look interesting and inspiring. Thanks.

Louisa said...

Ooohhh...definitely my kind of clothes! Good thing I sew because I sure can't afford them. How lucky you were to have the staff be so accommodating. That doesn't always happen in high end shops!