Friday, May 9, 2014

Fiberly Train to Santa Fe, Morning Walks

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with all the women on the getaway, but some of the most special times on my trip were my morning walks in town. When I'm home, I walk every morning before work so I decided to continue the practice. I'm so glad I did! The Plaza gets pretty crowded with tourists during the day, so it's interesting so see the sights when hardly anyone is around.

Technically, these pictures aren't the best quality but I hope they give you an idea of what I saw in the early morning quiet. I looked at lots of store windows...



Parts Unknown



I remember the store but not the name

Don't remember this one either

Maverick's of Santa Fe

Maverick's of Santa Fe



And also saw lots of restaurants that I'd like to try sometime, as well as ideas of where we could go...


El Meson

Osteria D'Assisi

The Palace

Ore House

Blue Corn Cafe

San Francisco Street Bar & Grill

Statues and architectural salvage:

The Burro Alley burro

On the Portal by Cicada

Seret and Sons

I will definitely keep up this habit on future visits. I did so much looking that I'm not sure if I got very much exercise, but it was a great way to explore.


Dixie said...

All of these photos make me feel like I was there. Thanks for posting them!

Patricia said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour, down memory lane for me. I absolutely loved Santa Fe on our one visit in 2006, and I smiled in memory of Burro Alley, where we walked every day. Love all the fashions, much as I remember, with lace, denim, soft boots, and the gorgeous turquoise (I wear several pieces from Santa Fe). Lovely post!

Carole Mellin said...

Great tour. I loved the feeling I was strolling along with you. Those turquoise pieces were remarkable, and it was fun seeing all the new (to me) stores.

Anonymous said...

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