Sunday, March 23, 2014

TSW Zen Shirt, Version Two

Even with last weekend's shopping trip, I got some sewing in. I made an easy nightgown that I'll post soon. It was a really fast sew, so I also got started on the TSW Zen Shirt (the shirt on the left, below) that I had cut out a while back.

I've made this shirt before, but I used more basic techniques since that version was basically a prototype. Somehow, I never posted the finished version of this shirt, so here it is:

It looks fine and I've worn it plenty of times, but I decided to use dressmaker techniques this time around and take some some time with the garment instead of whipping through construction. 

I'm using a really lovely shirting that I found in the JoAnn's clearance area some years back. White threads in the warp and blue in the weft, and it has a silky feel although it's cotton.  I had originally planned to make this garment with the print collars I ended up using on the fuchsia Liberty Shirt, so this project was on the back burner for a while. As of now, I'm planning to make the entire garment from the blue shirting. Kind of plain, but every wardrobe needs its share of quiet clothes too.

The guide sheet calls for French seams throughout. That takes a little more time, but I was able to attach the sleeves and sew the first pass of both side seams in a few hours last Sunday. This Saturday, I got quite a bit more done--sides, sleeves, hems, and placket are sewn. The next step is making buttonholes, which have to be done before attaching the collars.  Perhaps I'll have time for more work on the new shirt before the weekend's over, but it's ok if I don't. This is a no rush garment!


Patricia said...

This really is a lovely shirt pattern, and your fabrics are great. You will have two excellent garments when you finish!

Mary said...

Your fabric choices are so pretty. I love your work and have saved many photos in my inspiration file.