Friday, April 6, 2012

TSW Now and Zen Progress

Even with visitors, I have been able to work on the Now and Zen shirts I cut out in March. I've actually made a good bit of progress on both. I've been alternating back and forth, and both are at the point where buttons need to be chosen and buttonholes made. Here are a couple of quick "in progress shots" so you have some idea of what's been done so far.

The Zen is one I haven't made before, but it's been an interesting project so far. It has a hidden placket, which is something I've done perhaps once before in my entire sewing career. I may need to borrow this feature for future garments.

It also has a double collar and button loop, but those won't be added until the placket is completed.  

I've made the Now shirt several times, so I can make it relatively quickly. I started it Thursday after work and by this morning, it was complete except for closures and the hem.

Since I'm working with cottons, I decided not to make the French seams specified on the guide sheet to speed construction and eliminate bulk. Nice detail, but something that won't ever show on these shirts. I'm also serge finishing the hems instead of turning under edges, something else that won't affect the appearance of the finished shirts.


Janine said...

your shirts looks really good. I love your japanese print shirt - that pattern lends itself so well to your fabric and such perfect pattern matching. looking forward to seeing you model them.

Martha said...

Wow - I love these two shirts so far. I'm sure you are going to love wearing them. I recently purchased this pattern due to some other versions posted online on Artisan's Square. They look like such fun to make. And you've chosen great fabrics. I'm especially drooling over the Asian print. Both are lovely. Thanks for the eye candy.

gwensews said...

Lovely shirts. Both are unique. I enjoyed the photos in your last post. Looks like you had a great touring weekend.

patti said...

Beautiful shirts, and I, too, really love the Japanese print. Agree with you re: French seams. Great 'print placement,' by the way!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Your pattern matching on the Japanese print is blowing my mind!

NancyDaQ said...

Thanks everyone! Pattern matching is something I really get into with my sewing. I finished up the Now Shirt yesterday, and it looks great with the buttons I chose.