Sunday, March 23, 2014

Simple Project, Simplicity 3569 (oop)

Time for a new, simple pattern--a knit friendly nightgown. 2 main pieces and 2 facing pieces.

The fabric is a cotton knit that came from Hancock's or JoAnn's, I'm not sure which one.  I just remember seeing it and thinking it would be perfect for something like this.

It was easy to make, too.  Although I included the facings due to the V-neck, I changed the instructions a bit and topstitched the edge down to eliminate the potential of the facings flopping around. I worked on this for a small amount of time after returning from the mini sewing tour, and it was ready to wear to bed that night.

I cut a 10 through the neck and shoulders and a 14 for the sides.  The shoulders and facings were sewn with a regular machine using 5/8" seams. I made narrow 1/4" side seams, using my serger.   The finished length was dowdy on me, so I cut 8" off the lower edge before hemming with a 1/2" machine stitched hem. Now it's a little above my knees.

I'll definitely make this again, and I've already selected a couple other stash knits to use. This nightgown is so comfortable, but a step up from sleeping in a T-shirt.


Gernella said...

I've made this but I did the dressing gown. It was about four years ago and the fabric was the cheapest I have ever bought, just a thin cotton with hearts on. Still wearing it (it was my first project after a 12 year lapse) and it is so cool in summer.

After seeing yours I might make the nightgown in a knit fabric. I also made the dressing gown again in a really hot (gaudy) looking fabric and added lace to the sleeves. Still wearing that as well, so nice to have a choice.

RhondaBuss said...

I can be so, so lazy about sleeping in a t-shirt. You've inspired me to make a few sleep tops. It looks so soft and comfortable. Cute fabric too!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Looks like just the thing for comfortable sleeping as we head back into warm weather. Love the whimsical print!

The Slapdash Sewist said...
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NancyDaQ said...

Gernella, I bought the pattern for the robe. I hope to make it soon.

Rhonda and Trena, I love cute prints like this but it's difficult to to wear them in public. Nightgowns are a perfect use.