Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First Day of School Project-Butterick 3475

 Here's the little boy's outfit, which was made from Butterick 3475.

The shirt also used a remnant, this time a piece that was left over from this project. It's a Michael Miller quilting cotton from Ann Silva's, another local store I support. The pants are made from a cotton twill I found at JoAnn's. Definitely not something I was expecting to find amid all the crafts.

The shirt was made pretty much straight from the pattern with a couple of minor changes. I topstitched the front facings down, because I just didn't see a kid wearing it any other way. I also switched out the direction of the buttonholes from horizontal to vertical--it's a shirt, not a blouse after all.

I made some changes to the pants though based on some mom and grandma advice from my sewing buddies. I added a fly zipper, and kept the elastic waistband too. Some guerrilla sewing, but everything came out well and I'm very pleased with the result.

The cargo pockets were made pretty much per the pattern.

All in all both outfits were fun to make and provided a great learning experience. I will definitely make some more kids' clothes in the future.


gwensews said...

Those are all sweet little people's clothes, and so badly needed.

RhondaBuss said...

Both outfits are so sweet. Making the first day of school a special day with a new outfit is such a wonderful thing to do.

Martha said...

Nancy, it's hard to make really interesting and cute boy's clothes, I think. But you did it! This is adorable. And, all boy.

theresa said...

Nan, really like the shirt and you hit the cargo shorts right on. The JoAnn's twill is a rare find. They have it in three or four colorways and it is very versatile. Looking forward to what you make for the next school year.

Theresa in Tucson

The Slapdash Sewist said...

What a great little outfit! The details are so crisp. Combining the fly with the elastic waist was a good idea. I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled!