Sunday, July 21, 2013

Loes Hinse Tank and Simplicity 8863 (OOP)

I've been working on a tank top and skirt set from some stash fabric that I seem to have an endless supply of! I think this project represents the 3rd and 4th garments out of this rayon or polyester textured print!

The tank is from a favorite, the Loes Hinse Tank Group that I've made several times. The skirt is an OOP, Simplicity 8863 (circa 1994), that I'm trying out for a future project. I made the straight version shown as a photo and drawing on the pattern envelope. Skirts were so much longer in the 90's. My skirt is 7" shorter than the pattern! True, I'm 5'4'' but that's a lot.

During the rest of the summer, I'll be wearing it with tank untucked over the skirt, like this:

Then when it gets cooler or I need more coverage in cold A/C, I'll wear the tank tucked in with this matching cardi:

I've had the sweater for a while, but it's been a wardrobe orphan lately. It's nice to have something that it goes with. One of the nice things about this set is that it can be worn in a lot of ways--together,  with the matching sweater, or as separate pieces with other items from my closet.


gwensews said...

Those are terrific separates and will wear comfortably in your hot climate.

Patricia said...

The blue fabric is very appealing and your have made a very pretty set of separates, which also fit well with the pretty sweater. Clever you for keeping the older patterns - I so regret I threw all mine away when we moved house!

Irene said...

What a lovely and versatile outfit.

Mary said...

That is a pretty outfit. Don't you love having that much rayon though? It is hard to find.